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  1. Ever think about pre sale tickets for a chuck movie?
    Maybe make a deal with NBC and if not enough pre sold tickets make the movie they could atleast make a direct. To video movie. Even could use Nerd HQ events to pre sale tickets.

  2. They need to get on it because the way it ended killed me. It was like a slap in the face. We also need to get Freddy Wong involved!

  3. I think that a possible solution is to try and get FOX to pick up Chuck. For NBC to not even take the opportunity to change the airing night to see if the audience would grow is rather disturbing to me. I think if it aired on a night that was not up against the Big Dogs like Dancing/Bachelor the numbers would change drastically.

  4. Hey, just found this site and Yes, it would be nice if Fox picks it up instead of nbc, I can’t trust nbc for any new shows coming out, nowadays all they have is reality shows. I don’t watch nbc, abc, or cbs, all they are good for is to just cancelled good shows.

    • mail us a self addressed stamped envelope decorated for Chuck and we will send you some back – 9800 Research Drive, Irvine CA 92618

  5. So I just watched chuck last week and instantly became addicted. In one week I watched all 91 episodes. By far the hest show I have ever seen. As I sit here finding this web site I am in full support of a moive I hope you have some stickers and decals left because I will be sending my envelope out soon.

  6. This series is special. I am a 37 year old mother of three girls who became “Chuck fanatics” while watching it with their grandparents. My mom bought each season as soon as it became available. I rarely watch TV and its very hard to get me to sit and watch a movie. My girls begged for a “Chuck night” each week and I was sucked in from the first episode. We began planning for our chuck night(s) all week long. Even their dad joined us. It has been some of the best bonding time we have had, and we really grew to love each character. Our hearts are tied into their welfare and futures and we sure would love to see a movie (about 5 more seasons may be too much to ask) to tie up some loose ends and give us more closure.

  7. Man i really hope there will be more chuck in the future, whether it be movies or more series, I absolutely love everything about it

  8. Agreed I haven’t long since finished watching all off chuck but I loved it. I don’t do much of watching programmes but I got hooked to it straight away.. Now when I am at home I have nothing to do which sucks :L… a movie sounds amazing 100% behind it.

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