Chuck vs ConCast 2014

Get ready to hear Zachary talk about all things Comic Con tonight over at SDConCast

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Hopefully he will reveal at least who might be there this year and when tickets will be released


UPDATE: NerdHQ tickets are posted here —–>

Sales begin on Jul 20, 2014 12:00 PM PDT







Also a micro brick Serenity set available here —–>

Watch him make a 7 foot one here ——>


Wish I Was Here

So as a funder of the film we were all allowed to stream the film over the weekend! My family and a few friends gathered at my home to watch the film and after giving up on Chromecast to stream it to the big screen we drug a old pc to the living room and connected it to the the tv. I think the overall experience of watching the film before it came out was a great feeling to be part of something and getting sneak peeks along the way has made this a little bit my own film. The movie itself was good and it sort of paralleled my life in a way with Zach’s character having a a ha moment. It is a definite go see and I think you will feel a connection to the characters and to the sense of family throughout the film. I posted a screen shot on twitter and was promptly asked to take it down so I’ll blur it here so he doesn’t chase me down :)

Photo Jul 13, 9 33 35 AM WIWH

Also you can stream the soundtrack here for a while —–>

And here is a Spotify playlist with the songs you could get online —->

iTunes link

The Shins – So Now What
Gary Jules – Broke Window
Radical Face – The Mute
Hozier – Cherry Wine (Live)
Bon Iver – Holocene
Badly Drawn Boy – The Shining
Jump Little Children – Mexico
Cat Power & Coldplay – Wish I Was Here
Allie Moss – Wait It Out
Paul Simon – The Obvious Child
Japanese Wallpaper – Breathe In (feat. Wafia)
Bon Iver – Heavenly Father
Aaron Embry – Raven’s Song

NerdHQ is coming – where will you be?

So as we get closer to Comic Con this year details about NerdHQ should start to come out soon – but there are a couple new posts to read up about whats happening. It looks like the panel sections might hold 50 more fans and be cooler. Read more here —->

Also check out nerdmachine info here ——>

“I don’t ever want to have to do another crowdfunding campaign,” Levi said. “This year was just especially fragile and sensitive and we knew that if we didn’t go out and ask for help, because sometimes you just got to come hand to hand, and say look guys, we want to keep doing this, but we just do not have the ability to do it by ourselves.”