Chuck vs Hellcab

Found this on the interweb and thought I would post it up since I gave Vik some time only fair to mention that Scott Krinsky get mentioned that he is in a theater production of Hellcab. So if you are in LA this holiday season get over there and check it out – if you do post up a review would be nice to see what he has been up to.


Elephant Theatre Company
6322 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90038

HELLCAB is a collection of scenes from a day in the life of a Chicago cabbie. Beginning with a trip by a born-again couple…the cabbie’s long day’s journey proceeds with fares from, among many others, a dangerous druggies, a mini-capitalist, a rape victim, an argumentative pair of fellow cabbies, a drunken woman, a smug lawyer, a randy couple on the way to a motel, and two boisterous New Yorkers out on the town. Alternately frightening, hilarious and poignant, these sharply etched blackouts and cameos…are capped by a stunning and very touching final scene.

Thurs, Dec 04 – Sat, Dec 20
Wed, Thur 8pm,
Sat 5pm,
Sun 8pm

No Performances:
Fri, Dec 5
Fri, Dec 12

Tickets: $20

Run Time: 90 minutes

Danny Parker, Anita Curran, Charlotte Taschen, Jonathan Cody Andersen, Jonathan Cody Andersen, Dominic Rains, Ethan Rains, Eric Bunton, Erick Nathan, Etienne Eckert, Jason Konopisos, Jennifer Finch, Joe Tomasini, John Charles Meyer, Jolie Carina, Katherine Barcsay, Keena Ferguson, Kim Estes, Kimberly Alexander, Lawrence Dillard, LeShay Tomlinson Boyce, Marina Mouhibian, Meghan Cox, Rey Goyos, Scott Krinsky, Shannon McManus, Tara Norris, Tim Starks



Chuck vs NCIS

I’ll admit I’m a creature of habit and I don’t often go looking for new shows to watch. Especially if they have been on for a while and I have not been following them from the start. Heck I didn’t start binge watching Breaking Bad until the final season started and with Sons of anarchy ending last night I can get ready for a biker fest binge party in the near future. With that said Vic Sahay is in a upcoming episode of NCIS so I’ll tune in and see whats going on. See photos here —->

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Jingle All The Way Home

Hopefully everyone survived Thanksgiving and is getting ready for the holidays – I am always amazed when I turn someone on to the show that has never seen it even today so lets fill some holiday stockings with the complete season on DVD or BluRay – at least that way you will have something to watch around the fireplace this winter.

On sale now here —->