NerdHQ “The Aftermath”

So another NerdHQ is in the bag and I hope everyone is watching the videos over on the Nerd Machines YouTube channel – I have to say I enjoyed seeing Chuck and Sarah together on the stage sharing a beverage and a couple laughs. They were asked about the possibility of a Chuck Movie with a little more restraint from the audience and I think we are finally seeing the true answer – that everyone is up for it from the cast to the fans but we might have little influence at this point since Chuck himself seems a little less gung-ho from years past. We as fans need to keep spreading the word about what a great show “Chuck” was to make sure there are new fans following the show on Netflix and keep people interested in the show and the future film. Chuck has said we will be the first to know when he hears something so keep your eyes on his twitter as that would be my guess for any Nerd News.

Charah Panel from NerdHQ14


Got another envelope going out today to Wisconsin!wi Happy Birthday Sarah Walker!

“Beautiful, Excellent and Intimate” says Chuck

So NerdHQ is in full swing and if you can’t make it down to San Diego they are streaming all the panels on the Nerd Machine’s You Tube Channel here ——>

In the first panel on thursdy morning he said no personal quesions but he then spilled the beans to E online about his recent wedding here —–>

In that same panel there was the usual will there be a Chuck Movie question and I think fans are starting to realize and maybe Zach himself that if and when it happens that would be great but I don’t think in any way is it a for sure thing at this point. He seems to be more accepting that when it is ready to happen he will let us know.


Chuck vs ConCast 2014

Get ready to hear Zachary talk about all things Comic Con tonight over at SDConCast

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Hopefully he will reveal at least who might be there this year and when tickets will be released


UPDATE: NerdHQ tickets are posted here —–>

Sales begin on Jul 20, 2014 12:00 PM PDT







Also a micro brick Serenity set available here —–>

Watch him make a 7 foot one here ——>