Get Ready to Blast Off!

Yvonne Strahovski is about to head to outer space teaming up with Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz in a upcoming ABC show “Astronaut Wives”. I am so looking forward to this show as I was a not the biggest fan as her role in Dexter either and looking forward to seeing what she can do with this role. Read more here —->



Happy Chuckversary 7

It’s been 7 years since September 24, 2007 the day the Chuck Pilot premiered on NBC. Where did you watch the first episode? What was your favorite part or memory from that episode? Do you still remember it like it was yesterday? I do – and although there is not much happening on the Chuck Movie front it was mentioned that Zachary Levi might be staring in a upcoming NBC Musical called Tuned. Looks like he has shifted his focus from west coast tv to east coast broadway. Read a little more here —–>¬†or here —–>