Chuck vs The Series Finale

With the anniversary of the series ending 3 years ago last night it was fun to watch the ending again and although I was never upset with the ending in the first place it was nice to see on twitter that some people were posting that the ending had grew on them since its first airing.

What are your thoughts of the ending now that its been 3 years? There is a new article here —-> with tons of great behind the scenes info to read up on!

Chuck vs Yvonne Stryker

Every good hero has a sidekick – Batman had Robin, and Chuck had Sarah. Sarah Walker was as big of a part of the show as Chuck him self and now she is getting a spread in the upcoming GQ Australian Edition. Check it out here —> There is a short online interview where she mentioned that she was suggested to have her name changed to Stryker and let me say thank goodness she didn’t. We love her and her name.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.05.17 AM

Chuck vs. Heroes Reborn

So circling the interwebs this morning is news that Zachary Levi will be cast in the rebirth of Heroes. His role is under wraps at this time but my guess is he plays a Buy More Employee that gets a supercomputer implanted in his memories and has to …. wait a minute that sounds oddly familiar. Read more here —-> or here —-> and here —->

Video here —->





Chuck vs 2105

Happy New Year Chuck Fans! With only a couple days until the new year what were your favorite Chuck memories of 2014? What are you looking forward to in 2015? I think one of the things that might stick with me from 2014 is actually “The Interview” and its not because of all the media attention it cause prior to its release. I remember Zachary Levi talking in past interviews about delivering media content in a more ala cart way direct to the fans that want it. Good or bad Sony actually did something sort of ground breaking with The Interview – they released the film in theaters and online at the same time. Typically theaters will only show a film that they get exclusive distribution rights to but with all the problems surrounding the movie they were given the ok to distribute it as they wanted. In the end it all worked out fine and they made a bunch of money online selling it. If nothing else for us Chuck fans it shows that future films could be made and sent straight to YouTube or iTunes kind of like how Levi was talking about distributing a Chuck film.

Hopefully there will be some renewed talk about a film as every year at ComicCon there seems to be less and less mention of a film and I’m sure the cast if glad to be moving forward with other projects but hopefully they know there is a serious base that could rally behind a film. I’m sure he was disappointed with the amount of $5 donated to the NerdHQ this year – it was kind of a trial run as he said for could the fans support a film if he asked us to.

Wishing everyone out the a Happy Nerd Year 2015