Chuck vs Ticketmaster

Ok you can finally go back to bed. Its and hour after the last panel went on sale for NerdHQ this year and I can safely say its sold out. I got as far as getting to choose 2 tickets and put them in a cart in the cloud but once I tried to pay got the dreaded sold out. I can remember years ago going to Warehouse music or tower records and standing in a line around the building hoping that this records store would get enough tickets for everyone in line and driving home disappointed so at least now we can feel the same way without changing out of our pajamas.

This year looks to have some great panels from people that have not been a NerdHQ guest before. Of course there are Chuck fan favorites Zach and Yvonne but I am excited to see the Mr Robot cast as that show is on my family’s new show top list. They always add panels up until the show dates and heck they often add standing room only the day of so don’t give up hope.

If you don’t get tickets to a panel there is the IGN app and we will all be able to stream the panels as they happen in what else of course our pajamas! See you there Nerds.

UPDATE: a few seats still available for 3 of the panels

The Visit
Julie Plec
Dead Rising