If you are interested in some postcards or willing to fly the banner contact us here-
Also if you have fan photos that you have of you supporting a Chuck movie send us your email and we will send you a link to upload them to us so we can post them in the Fan Page

You can also email fan photos of decals or where you put postcards to and we will post them up


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  1. Hey there here is your little nerd-herd lady from Germany again. My friend lilian wrote a letter wich is on the webside. Please like it!!!

  2. Huge chuck fan here from Canada …. Jus finished chuck for the first time … Watched all 5 seasons in a month while working everyday… I love it so much and now I am lost with out it … Started season 1 again but I need more chuck… MOVIE or even better another 5 seasons plzzzzzzzzz I need more CHUCK

  3. Hey there! Here is a fan from Brazil 🙂 I would like to donate asap! I’m a huge fan of Chuck and can’t wait to bring chuck to the big screen 😉

  4. My family and I have been watching Chuck on Netflix for the past year. I know this sounds cheesy but it has helped to bring us closer together as a family. It’s difficult to find a show which can cross the age barrier between adults and teens as well as Chuck has. We are now coming up to the last season with dread in our hearts. No one wants to see it end. Can you please give us some hope? Will there ever be another Chuck, including the same great cast, in our future? Truly yours, Laura, Harold, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Jaime, Wyatt, and Gage

    • I wish I had better news but really there isn’t a lot to report. Our family also enjoyed the show and after it ended Zachary Levi seemed confident that he would be able to pull off a film but last years lack luster nerd HQ fund raiser took a lot of wind out of his sails. With all the shows getting reboots and films the chance is still thee all I can say is to support Chuck after the fact by buying DVDs and other official church merchant to left Warner bros know the fans we still out there

  5. I am a fan from Hawaii! I totally want to see this on the big screen!!! Also interested in some postcards 🙂 so do I email you?

    • mail me a self addressed envelope and Ill put some in and mail you back
      The Chuck Movie
      9800 Research Drive
      Irvine CA 92618

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