It’s Chucktober!

As others around the world are celebrating Ocktoberfest I feel that as a true Chuck fan the only way to celebrate is with a Chucktober Celebration!

We are also coming to the finish line for the Indiegogo campaign and I feel a little sad that we did not raise a ton of money to this point for a Chuck movie – but with 46 days left maybe we can spread the word one last time to let WarnerBros know that the fans are here and we can support a Chuck Movie – on three – Hip Hip Hooray for Chuck

3 thoughts on “It’s Chucktober!

  1. Totally psyched! Just reposted this on tumblr. I know a few of us are trying to get a Chuck Big Bang going. (Which if you didn’t know is a huge fic-a-thon where writers create tons of fanfiction and artists create art and vidders create videos.) Hopefully it gets pretty popular.

      • It’s pretty much all set up, just gotta get some posts going to get it out there. You never did let me know if you wanted me to set it up on a whole new account or just keep it as a sub-blog on my own account.

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