I thought this would be Easy!

Here is a little background – I’m a graphic designer and I work for a commercial printer and it’s a little slow right now – so with time on my hands it gives me the time to work on stuff that I find interesting – like Chuck. So with my spare time I put together the Obama style image and went to work making a few decals here to spread around town. Its a start but if this is going to work, if we have any chance this is going to have to be BIG! Large Mart big, Buy More big!

So whats the way to grow this into a real movie. Not just the thought or talk of a movie but a real funded produced movie? Got any thoughts? There is the word of mouth campaign but thats not going to be BIG enough. As Zachary Levi said we need actual cash – he said the petitions are great but they are not going to work on there own.

I am going to look into a kick starter campaign or some sort of Paypal fundraiser where everyone could send some cash to start this – maybe with a Chuck vs The Movie sticker to show you supported.

I would also be in for standing around Mann’s Chinese theater with signs – or plastering the town with some Chuck posters.

One thought on “I thought this would be Easy!

  1. In my opinion, social media is the way to go. Plenty of people are willing to donate towards a movie, but most do not know how to go about it. I’ve seen your twitter page, and noticed that you only have 32 followers. You’re going to need more people to join your cause, and in order to do that, you need to advertise. Post links to your website and twitter page on social media outlets ( Such as Facebook and various Youtube videos). The Chuck Facebook page alone has over 2 million likes. If you mention your plans for a fan funded chuck movie there, then you’re bound to evoke interest. Posting your plans on Chuck related Youtube videos will be effective as will, so long as they have a high viewcount. The more people signed on to this cause, the faster it will go. Of course, you will need to start up a kickstarter account or some other method to store the money. I believe it means more to have actual money being donated as opposed to pledges, which are not a guaranteed donation. Once you have a method to store your money, and a strong fan backing, then I believe that you will be well on your way to getting this project funded. That’s just my two cents.

    Good Luck.

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