Chuck vs NerdHQ 18

For those holding out hope for a nerdHQ event this year at SDCC you will be waiting longer then waiting for a Chuck Movie at this point. If you are not following @zacharylevi on instagram you have been missing out on some live streams where he answers most questions and today he posted fair well to nerdHQ for reasons unknown at this point.

Chuck vs Prime Video

With a long hiatus from Netflix Chuck is back online with Prime Video so you can stream all five seasons right now. Spread the word, watch it over and over and enjoy what we all know to be one of the best shows. Zach has been live streaming over on Instagram also and whenever asked about a movie he always has the same answer that he is working on it so we need to keep watching so hopefully stats will rack up that people are still watching and a network of theater would be willing to foot the bill for a film.

Zach has also been cast in a recurring role on Amazon’s comedy “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” read more here ——>  

So I guess its a twofer

Chuck vs Bad Boys

Check out instagram stories today for a live Q&A with Zach he talked this and that and said there will not be any future seasons of Chuck with everyone’s schedules etc but that he is still “working” on a Chuck film.

He also talked a fair amount of Nerd HQ and I wouldn’t hold my breath for a return this year. With the film his main priority and costs associated with holding an event rising I think there might be a better chance of him taking it on the road to areas where costs would be lower and maybe more accessible to the fans.

Capt. Awesome has been cast in a Bad Boys TV spinoff so at least we have that for now while waiting a year till Shazam hits the theaters. Hopefully, studios will see that Zach can carry a film and be more interested in a Chuck feature in the future.

Going to have the Nerd Patch set ready this week hopefully!


Chuck vs The Patch Set

So as we all know Zach Levi is filming up in Toronto and while Chuck news has been light and thin I still see a film down the road so for those interested in keeping the dream alive Im making a set of iron on embroidered patches – and taking presale for a week untill they are ready both round patches will be three inches and the buy more will be 1 inch by 4.75

Will be ready to ship in a couple weeks and presale will end