Ready for some bad news?

Looks like there will not be any NerdHQ this year. Year after year since Chuck has ended Zachary has managed to get some of the cast together along with some other actors or battlebots or something and put together a great event that helped keep the dream of a movie alive and this year, 2017 he will not be able to do the event. What does this mean for the future?

Special Announcement from Nerd HQ


Chuck vs IGN

So up on the IGN website they have released a little more information on this years NerdHQ – we now know the location the new children’s museum. It also looks like IGN will have a app available on June 12th to download that will be full of info and have the ability to stream the panels for those not lucky enough to get tickets.

More info on the official NERD MACHINE site also —->

Looks like this is the location


I’m asking you for $5 Dollars

The funding campaign is live over on Indigogo – Nerd Powers Activate


The Hollywood reported must have the inside scoop as the released this article faster then a speeding bullit (here—>)

Also even though there is no official funding perk I’ll give away “Back Zach” decals if you leave a message in the comment section of what Nerd HQ means to you and send a image of your funding receipt I might even do a run of pinback buttons – thoughts?imgres


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