The “Chuck” Soundtrack

Its about time someone gave a nod to Tim Jones for the great music he put together for the show – its not a movie deal but at least it shows that the fans can get behind something show related so everyone go but a dozen copies!

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Check out Tim Jones website also

Here is my Chuck Spotify Playlist Compilation also


Chuck vs The Spotify Playlist

I think one of the biggest parts of the show was the music – it not only made the show perfect and helped convey the mood but it opened my eyes to some cool music. There are a bunch of sites that list all the songs together and I put together a Spotify playlist of the last 5 seasons (less a few that are not available on Spotify) – its in reverse order of appearance starting with the final song of season five then working backwards

Let me know what your favorite song of all 5 seasons was!

Check it out here:

Also when you get a chance check out Tim Jones website : he was the composer for the show and there are some great tracks there!