Happy Friday! Fans Keep Going Strong

Got a couple more envelopes to mail out and I think they are getting better and better – and they prove to everyone that the fans are still out there ready to go out and support the entire cast from Chuck – and ready to support that movie once called on!

Also we acquired a second domain www.chuckvsthemovie.com so both roll over to here but might go the other direction one day as thats the domain I wanted in the first place – also got a offer to get www.nerdherdhelp.com – for $3999 I believe it was one of the NBC sites for the nerd herd when the show was on the air – thanks but I think Ill pass on the 4000 dollar offer



And don’t forget to watch Remember Sunday this weekend – it’s like a Chuck viewing party with out the Nerd Herd!



Also Vik Sahays film opened this weekend in Canada so I hope everyone in Canada will go spend some hard earned dollars to support him – you can buy tickets here

Also I bought a ticket for the 8pm showing tonight but since I live in Los Angeles I wont be going so if someone wants my ticket email me at thechuckmovie2013@gmail.com and I’ll forward you the pdf ticket – you will have to do a post for me with a review of the film 🙂

here is the theater I have a ticket to

CPX Montreal Forum
2313 St. Catherine St. West Suite 101

Montréal, QC


Chuck vs Madison

Just wanted to post up a photo of Chuck fan Madison – she ran into Zach Levi last night and has a great post over on her blog! Check it out  She says he is filming a new film “Remember Sunday” here is a first look of the filming on the set

Also just caught up on Gay Jones over on CNN with they talk after season 2 to get Chuck renewed! Check it out

Watching these makes the passion to find a way for the Movie strong in our hearts