What the Chuck?

So although there will not be a NerdHQ this year during Comic-Con, Zachary Levi will be hosting “Live from Comic-Con” for the Syfy channel. So all hope is not lost to see what he is up to. Read about it here —–>

In other news Joshu Gomez has finally come out of hibernation and it turns out he has been mixing up a music album. Just call him DJ Morgan – listen here ——>


Ready for some bad news?

Looks like there will not be any NerdHQ this year. Year after year since Chuck has ended Zachary has managed to get some of the cast together along with some other actors or battlebots or something and put together a great event that helped keep the dream of a movie alive and this year, 2017 he will not be able to do the event. What does this mean for the future?

Special Announcement from Nerd HQ