UPDATE: We have failed to raise funds for the Chuck Movie on Indiegogo

We ended at $202 for the Campaign I ran but Zachary Levi is running one for this years 2014 NerdHQ find it here —-> hopefully the Nerd Army will come together to support this years Nerd HQ and let Warner Bros know that the Nerds are still here ready to put down $5 dollars for Zach and Chuck in the future – if we fail to come together that might close the door on a future film

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  1. Awesome to see the first fan donate towards the movie! I wish I could say we are almost there but we are not so keep spreading the word

    • Would you ever consider makeing another fundraising? because i would support it. i just recently saw the show Chuck so i had no idea abort the fundraising in 2012. If only more people knew at the time, i mean over 100000 people signs the pertision for a season 6 if all of them donated 10 dollars that should do it(if the goal is still 1mio.) The problem is to get the word out.
      ps. tell me if you ever redo an fundraising i will support this time. and share on the social medias and all that good stuff.

      • I think the only way to have a successful fundraiser is to be led either by Warner bros or Zachary Levi himself. People want to know that it is going to happen to make there dollars count – I know there will be a movie it’s just a matter of when. Until then we can keep supporting the cast in future projects and buy Chuck DVDs etc. I look forward to NerdHQ this year to hear Levi’s thoughts about the other kickstarter projects that have recently funded

        • Its 2014 and i have recently restarted watching chuck, and I’m still excited about a chuck movie, have you heard any news about any more funding

          • It’s 2015 and I just discovered Chuck. I haven’t finished it yet but I love it so much that a movie would be something I’d wholeheartedly support.

  2. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this website (I’m sure you have), or if you’re affiliated in any way, but these people have pledged to support the movie. They’re almost at $60,000!!! Maybe If there’s some way you guys can work together, we can really make this a reality!!

      • It’s interesting to hear his take vs last year when he seemed on board with Kickstarter – my guess is he has a better sense of what a film would really cost and might have a better chance getting investors to front the film based on that info – I like the idea of selling it direct to the fans and I would think a presale would help guarantee funds before filming

  3. I think until the officially announce they are making it or raising funds then we wont have a good idea how much money they can raise. It sounds like he wants to do some sort of pre-buy in instead of a straight kickstarter. This seems like it would be an easier sell to investors

  4. Are you still taking donations for the movie??? You should have something here where fans can donate for the movie I was looking and you do have those shirts and pins but what if we just want to donate??

  5. If you asked me why I liked the Chuck series right from the beginning I don’t think I could tell you exactly why, but I did! I really don’t think they can bring the series back, but I think we could push for a movie. It worked for Star Trek why not Chuck! I know there’s millions of Chuck fans out there! I may be a little delayed to the party as far as pushing for movie, but ever since they started showing Chuck on Netflix I remember how much I love that show! Come on people with money don’t you want to make more money! And all of us Chuck fans need to get the word out, just ask yourself what would Chuck do!

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