Chuck Cast:

zachZachary Levi
NBC Tuned
“First Date” NYC Broadway
Tiny Commando – Yahoo Screen
Remember Sunday
Thor 2 (Trailer)
Geeks Who Drink SyFy
Heros: Reborn
Tangled Animated Series (2017)

SexyDesktop Wallpaper ImageYvonne Strahovski
ABC’s Astronaut Wives
24: Live Another Day
I, Frankinstein
Astronaut Wives Club (ABC)
Edge (Amazon)


josh-gomez-chuck-finaleJoshua Gomez
The Crazy Ones (Guest Star
Castle (Guest Star)
Ellen More of Less



Adam_Baldwin_ChuckAdam Baldwin
The Last Ship (2014)




Chuck-star-Ryan-McPartlinRyan McPartlin
Do It Yourself (Pre-Production)
Hart of Dixie (Carter Covington)
Babysitter’s Black Book



Sarah LancasterSarah Lancaster
The Judge (2014)




scottScott Krinsky
American Idiots




Vik_Sahay-3Vik Sahay
Sean Saves the World -NBC
American Reunion
My Awkward Sexual Adventure



markchristopherMark Christopher Lawrence
Comedy Tour (Dates)




brandoBrandon James Routh
Legends of Tomorrow




mekennaMekenna Melvin





Jesse-Heiman-ExtraJesse Heiman
Worlds Greatest Extra (Documentary)

The Best Podcast for everything Chuck



9f18050d0286a2477a9103650b803775_bigger Warner Borthers
@WarnerBrosEnt (They are calling the shots for Chuck at this point)


baec5764624fa6c82c7069148a69abf4The Nerd Machine
g+ Page








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