Chuck vs The Spotify Playlist

I think one of the biggest parts of the show was the music – it not only made the show perfect and helped convey the mood but it opened my eyes to some cool music. There are a bunch of sites that list all the songs together and I put together a Spotify playlist of the last 5 seasons (less a few that are not available on Spotify) – its in reverse order of appearance starting with the final song of season five then working backwards

Let me know what your favorite song of all 5 seasons was!

Check it out here:

Also when you get a chance check out Tim Jones website : he was the composer for the show and there are some great tracks there!

5 thoughts on “Chuck vs The Spotify Playlist

    • I wish I knew how to? I just made a playlist in spotify if you follow the link to the songs you can build your own if it wont let you access mine outside the us

  1. Its actually just spotify itself that is not avalible in Canada i found out. To bad to cause id love to listen to a Chuck soundtrack. One thing that makes the show so amazing is how well they pick each song for the scenes.

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