Chuck vs Bad Boys

Check out instagram stories today for a live Q&A with Zach he talked this and that and said there will not be any future seasons of Chuck with everyone’s schedules etc but that he is still “working” on a Chuck film.

He also talked a fair amount of Nerd HQ and I wouldn’t hold my breath for a return this year. With the film his main priority and costs associated with holding an event rising I think there might be a better chance of him taking it on the road to areas where costs would be lower and maybe more accessible to the fans.

Capt. Awesome has been cast in a Bad Boys TV spinoff so at least we have that for now while waiting a year till Shazam hits the theaters. Hopefully, studios will see that Zach can carry a film and be more interested in a Chuck feature in the future.

Going to have the Nerd Patch set ready this week hopefully!


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