Chuck vs The Patch Set

So as we all know Zach Levi is filming up in Toronto and while Chuck news has been light and thin I still see a film down the road so for those interested in keeping the dream alive Im making a set of iron on embroidered patches – and taking presale for a week untill they are ready both round patches will be three inches and the buy more will be 1 inch by 4.75

Will be ready to ship in a couple weeks and presale will end


3 thoughts on “Chuck vs The Patch Set

  1. I want the Chuck Running for my travel backpack. How do we order them?

    Zachary Levi Wants To Do ‘Chuck’ Movies On Netflix.

    I’d like Chuck & Sara to have at least a son named Levi (on Sara’s baby name list). Molly reaches majority age to inherent her wealth and titles. Shaw, at the end of season 5, was still alive, and is a tremendous villain. The whole Buy More team is reunited.

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