Starting to spread the Chuck

Have you see Chuck around town? You will if you live in my town – I saw him at Wahoo’s and on the side of the freeway this morning.

Trying to crunch some numbers and see what a big budget motion picture costs and how much we would really need from everyone – meaning is this really possible?

Also looking for a place where we could store the donations ie Kickstarter or something else? Got any ideas?


5 thoughts on “Starting to spread the Chuck

  1. IndieGoGo has a 120 day max time frame for funding – and Im guessing if you need a million dollars like Zach said thats going to take longer – I have a kickstarter account started but they have been dragging there feet to have amazon approve my account

  2. The 120 day limit would only work if Zac Levi would tweet it profuesly and it got the media coverage from Subway? BTW How many stickers have been sold ATM?

    • It would need to be 10000 dollars a day for the 120 days to come to 1.2 million which wouldn’t be much of a drop in the bucket looking at what other movies cost – as far as the stickers I have not sold any that I made but ordered a bunch from sticker robot in la and should have those in a couple weeks and that was when I was going to make a real push once they were in my hands – I think there is a real I want to help but that doesn’t translate into action and that action is what we are missing – getting everyone to mobilise at the same time for something you really believe in means that you need to believe that is can happen – and Im not sure people really thing it can happen

      • I seriously doubt that without Zac and friends support. If they start to publicly campaign for the movie, then there would be a formidable prosentuage of success.

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