Joshua Gomes travels through time to save Paul Deschile

I have to admit I’m not a huge Castle fan – but my wife is. She loves the CSI nature of the show with a little less blood and guts and a little more whit and thinking. They tend to solve the cases in a more creative way while throwing in a couple curves along the way. Last night was the episode “Time will Tell” with guest star Joshua Gomez aka “Morgan Grimes” and he put together a very entertaining and convincing portrayal of Simon Doyle, who claims to be a time traveler from the future who has come back to prevent a disaster.

Congrats to him as I did not see him as Morgan Grimes, Chuck sidekick once in the episode. Was a great evening where the wife and I could enjoy a little Chuck crossover.

Hopefully since he seemed to disappear walking out of Beckett’s office that he can make a future return visit.

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